Compagnia was born eight years ago, nearly as a joke.
At first there was a great passion for a music that came from overseas, totally unknown here, but over time the needs of both the public and the musicians led the group to create a repertoire which was based on the Québécois world and which, despite being designed as listenable, was fit to be danced.

This strange alchemy between folk song, French dance and Québécoise music was appreciatedand led us to play all over in Italy, half of Europe and South America. As it often happens, in eight years, many musicians have come and gone, sometimes taking, but more than often giving much and leaving a clear mark in our music.

“Vivo!” is the sum of all these experiences.

The recording was made in Milan at La Scighera, a place that allowed us to give life to this greatparty, in which two hundred people danced, sang, clapped their hands, feet and rejoiced with us.

One of those good, unforgettable memories that, from now on, we'll bring with us to eachand every concert. Andrea Capezzuoli

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Vivo! (All Tracks) €9,99
Il frate cappuccin/La marche des élèves/Reel a jos (8.99 MB) €0,99
La valse du Peril (8.71 MB) €0,99
Reel Beatrice (7.66 MB) €0,99
Cecilia (9.51 MB) €0,99
Bourrée (7.56 MB) €0,99
L’inglesa/La Cardeuse (7.30 MB) €0,99
Tout en bouvant (6.37 MB) €0,99
Halley’s jig/Reel Saint-Hubert (7.20 MB) €0,99
Clog de Pariseau (8.11 MB) €0,99
Vals clog (7.20 MB) €0,99
Serenin (4.76 MB) €0,99
Lake Martin, Louisiana (10.54 MB) €0,99
Martini phase (7.12 MB) €0,99
On veut des ronds (7.64 MB) €0,99
Leandra/Reel des soucoupes volantes (14.56 MB) €0,99


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