Fabio Colussi guitar accompanies festivals and boeufs all over Europe, with its repertoire (mainly comprised of) couple dances.

Désamour is his new work, with many new songs and songs from his repertoire newly rearranged with many guest musicians, to live a truly romantic festival experience.

Available as a physical CD for only 10 €.


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Désamour €10,00

Downloadable Items

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Désamour (All Tracks) €9,99
L'aiguelette (7.83 MB) €0,99
Lunapao (8.71 MB) €0,99
Pe' li paesi / Le derviche tourner (5.67 MB) €0,99
Mayamour (7.03 MB) €0,99
Le doute de Marlène (8.35 MB) €0,99
Amanita (7.57 MB) €0,99
L'attesa di Camilla (8.69 MB) €0,99
La giratoria (7.65 MB) €0,99
Mazumar (6.44 MB) €0,99
Troublée Paulette (5.97 MB) €0,99
Désamour (6.61 MB) €0,99
Cavatina (5.48 MB) €0,99


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