They named themselves Folk Fiction but they are not pulp..They are Trad and even Avan Trad, concept that gives title to their second album, 11 tracks in which Alessandro Marchetti (piano, accordeon) and Matteo Marcon (bouzouki) travel between 2 times bourrées, romantic mazurkas, irish-inspired tunes to a devilish polka.

Follow them in this travel from trad music, inspired by neo-trad, to go beyond towards... AvanTrad!

Available as a physical CD for only 10 €.


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Avantrad €10,00

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Avantrad (All Tracks) €9,99
La coccinella (9.43 MB)
Cherry's pillow (8.63 MB)
Mazurka della neve (10.64 MB)
Buddies go to Mestre / Looking for Jenny (12.41 MB)
The dark side of waltz (8.59 MB)
Ginkgo Mazurka (8.51 MB)
Lo scoiattolo (8.11 MB)
Polkergeist (7.44 MB)
Mazurka Artemisia (11.76 MB)
Jig Set (13.95 MB)
Lele's fancy (8.40 MB)


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